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Low Back Pain 


Merry Christmas Steve, thank you for making me feel better always, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the holiday if it weren't for your help!!!




I have been suffering from sciatica for 13 years.   I came one time and my sciatica is gone! Truly amazing.


Low Back Pain


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for fixing my back.  I'm sure I probably should've come back for a second round, but I promise if I ever have issues in the future, I will come to you and I will definitely refer anyone else with back issues to you as well.  Thank you so much your're amazing!

Sophia R.

This review is long but if you have pain, PLEASE READ!


I have been suffering from back pain & migraines for most of my life. The past few months, my pain has been almost unbearable. Just to give you an idea, I must take Extra Strength Tylenol, Tylenol Arthritis & Ibuprofen EVEWRY SINGLE DAT JUST TO FUNCTION.

SOMETIMES MY PAIN IS SO BAD, I HAVE TO TAKE 4 IBUPROFEN & 2 TYLENOL JUST TO BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF MY DOOR. I will be transparent & add that I have also been drinking to mask my pain. (Hence the fact that I now weight 200 lbs.) I have also been under Chiropractic care & Massage therapy for most of my adult life with some relief or temporary relief but never a permanent solution.

I reached out to Steve hoping for a deep tissue massage because my migraines & back pain have progressed so much that I was beginning to believe that this is just my new life. IN JUST TWO SESSIONS WITH STEVE, I AM ELATED TO ANNOUNCE THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS, I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! I have not had to take an Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Tylenol Arthritis in 2 weeks!

My sessions consisted of his Trigger Point Therapy work. I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW INCREDIABLY GRATEFUL & ELATED I AM WITH HIS SERVICES! I still believe in Chiropractic care, but I no longer must go every week.

The underlying issue to my knots, tight muscles & Back pain were addressed at my initial appointment and practically fixed that day. I walked away with a relief I can’t explain.

The 2nd appointment was to address my lower back pain and BOOM! LOWER BACK PAIN GONE.


My muscles and knots have almost practically released.

I will probably never have to waste money on a massage again because Steve has taken away my pain through Trigger Point Therapy. I ‘d love to add that my daily headaches & migraines that my doctor blamed on my peri menopause & hormone changes are also GONE!!!!


Please make your appointment TODAY & let him know I referred you! You can thank me later.

Call Steve at: (317) 973.0888

Yesterday was the 1st day I was able to wear heels an ENTIRE WORKDAY and I had ZERO BACK PAIN.

Thank you, Steve at Indy Myopain Relief CENTER.

Melissa D

Left Shoulder Pain

Mar 10, 2022

Hi Steve, I just wanted to say I am feeling so great!  Thank you.


Headaches & Upper Back Pain

Mar 9, 2022

I felt so great after I left yesterday.  Was still feeling great this morning then work got pretty stressful and I can tell I tensed myself back up a lot but it is not as bad as before.  Definitely felt your treatment helped and I look forward to coming back on Monday


Shoulder Pain

Mar 10, 2022

My shoulder and neck feel really loose for the first time in years!  I can turn my head really far and my shoulder pain is almost gone in one treatment.  I will see you next week!


Low Back Pain

Nov 10, 2021

Blessed hands.  Thankful God led me to this man.  My back feels so much better.  I highly recommend him.  If you want to feel, better make your appointment.

Amber J

Upper Back and Arm Pain

September 7, 2021

Thank you so much! Your have been a huge blessing in my life.

Dreah T

Low Back Pain

Apr 23, 2021

Steven is a awesome. His technique and therapy was the only thing that helped my back. He is a miracle worker. 
Dr. Pabla

Neuropathic Pain

July 29, 2021

Piezowave used at Carmel Myopain center on my right foot has relieved neuropathic pain(pain free for 2 wks.) that had me wake at night or taking gabapentin or Aleve, Advil, or Osteo-Biflex w/o relief.

-Bonnie O

Shoulder & Arm
April 2021

I was lucky that Steve worked on my shoulder a few months ago  I had a tendon’s tear due to a fall . It was amazing experience as well as my problem has greatly improved . I was very impressed that how knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful Steve was. Myopain Relief staffs are very friendly and helpful also ! I am very grateful for their wonderful services!

-Nhat T, Visual Artist

Legs & Hip Pain
Apr 20, 2021

Tremendous pain relief. After a long time with just physical therapy alone, Indy Myopain techniques provided the final solution to resolve my issues. All individuals associated with the practice are extremely cordial and helpful.

Charles M

Muscle Pain
Jun 15, 2021

Arrived in pain left NOT in pain Steve was great
Jeffrey T

Inter-scapular Pain

April 2021

Steve listens to the person and treats them with respect. Indy Myopain Relief Center has brought me great relief!

-Faith N 2021, RN

Interscapular Pain
Apr 28, 2021

Steve listens to the person and treats them with respect. Indy Myopain Relief Center has brought me great relief!

Faith N
Glute/Sciatic Pain
May 2021

Steve’s level of understanding the root cause of pain is unparalleled. I’m a retired veteran and I have had massages; this is not a massage it’s relieving the root cause of pain permanently not temporarily masking the pain. I am a believer and it’s a truly unique process of trigger point therapy. My range of motion and sciatica symptoms were nearly vanquished in a 90 minute session! See Steve at Myopain relief center you will be pain free quickly.

Mark Z.

Back & Hips
April 2021
Tremendous pain relief. After a long time with just physical therapy alone, Indy Myopain techniques provided the final solution to resolve my issues. All individuals associated with the practice are extremely cordial and helpful.

-Charles M. PhD

General Aches & Pain
April 2021

It was very helpful for me. I had numerous visits to his office . Works wonders , very informative about for people who suffer with body pain . Highly recommend.

-Tina F.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

November 2020

I am so happy I stumbled upon Indy Myopain in my google search. I have suffered from reoccurring neck and shoulder pain for years. I've tried massages, chiropractors, physical therapy---you name it, but I had no long-term relief, so I wasn't sure what to expect with trigger point therapy. Steve was very thorough in my initial 2 hour evaluation and really spends his time finding the root of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. The trigger point therapy itself isn't exactly painless but it has made a TREMENDOUS difference! I'm an official believer in the process! Steve really knows what he's doing! The price might seem high to some, but I view it as more effective than a massage and several physical therapy sessions combined. Steve's expertise are well worth it and I always feel like a new person when I leave his office. I would highly recommend you check this place out.

-Erin C, Nutritionist & Educator

Back & Shoulder Pain

Jun. 2020

Steve has helped me, over the years, to continue doing landscaping work. When I got into my 50's the work took its toll on my back and shoulders. There has never been a physical issue that Steve has not been able to manipulate away. Really appreciate all he has done

- Sally O., Landscape Owner

Rheumatoid Arthritis

May 2020

Everyone at Indy Myopain are very professional and have really helped my pain and stiffness from Rheumatoid arthritis. I highly recommend their therapeutic care.

- Pamela T., Real-estate

Medical Therapeutic Massage
May 2020

This A Great Doctor For Addressing Trigger Point Therapies. Will Be Back Soon For A Massage

- Beverly C.

Gary's Experience

May 2020

Wow I never knew about this sort of treatment but boy does it help. Not only with pain but flexibility and movement. Give it a try!

- Gary B. Radio Personality

Karen's Experience

Mar. 2019 

Helped with my pain

- Karen B.

Jane's Experience

May 2014

PROVIDER: Steve has a very professional work ethic...very caring and considerate.  He also has a great sense of humor.  

RESULTS: I experienced soreness the day after therapy.  However, the chronic back pain has not recurred...amazing!  The hip and leg pain have subsided.   

FUTURE: I will return soon for the right side therapy and a left side review. I am looking forward to ridding myalgia in other parts of my body, more flexibility, and Zumba.

- Jane


Pain & Muscle Dysfunction

Apr. 2019

       Steve is amazing at what he does. He is so smart and truly integrative in the approach he takes. I had a very complicated case and had already done CTs, MRIs and 16 session of physical therapy, exercises and yoga.  I was completely limited and almost non-functional when I met Steve.  All those therapies were not helping and I didn't want to take pain meds anymore.  His sessions were so helpful. I went twice a week at first then less and less. Finally, I only take ibuprofen now and then and this no longer limits me physically at all. I can not say enough great things about this therapy and man.  He is very kind, compassionate and really wants his clients to get better. 

       I have already had 6 friends go to him and referred him to many more. 

- Sam S., RN

Amy's Experience

Sept. 2014

Still, my arms feel better now than the last four years (feel better since I had trigger point therapy). Thanks again!

- Amy

Robert's Experience
Sept. 2017

I have been a trucker for 40+ years and  the bouncing around and  accident have taken their toll on my back.  I could not walk through the grocery store to  get my groceries with a walker (shopping cart).  My thought, is the therapy is a little on the pricey side, but I went anyway feeling much better.  Now, I do my grocery shopping  without hanging every moment on the cart. Does my  back still bother me Yes ...not near as bad and yes I will return for more treatment. 

- Robert C.
Automobile Accident
Mar. 2019

       My wife and I have been clients at Indy Myopain Relief Center for years and have always found the treatments helpful.
Steve is knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and never fails to find the trigger points that are responsible for the ailment du jour.
       I've gotten relief from the pain and effects of a variety of injuries and maladies, including some caused by auto accidents.  Some take longer than others to yield to Steve's hands and devices, obviously, but I've never come away from a visit or series of visits feeling as if there wasn't improvement.
       I recommend Indy Myopain Relief Center.  If you have issues that are getting in the way of enjoying life or doing things you used to be able to do, go see Steve.  You'll be glad you did. 

- Eric S., Inventor & Acoustic Engineer
Marilyn's Experience
Mar. 2019

If you have muscle pain, this is the place to go. With therapy targeted for your specific needs, you will find the relief you are looking for. For a massage to relax your muscles and work our the kinks, this is the place to go. I wish I could afford to go every month. I discovered Indy Myopain with a gift card from Groupon and I'm glad I did.

- Marilyn

Karen's Experience

Aug. 2018

This place actually cures your pain! They do trigger point therapy and therapy with sound waves. It's a little painful but it works! Massage therapists and chiropractors and pain Dr's mask the pain or put you on maintenance schedules. This place is designed to get rid of it once and for all. What I was told was that the pain was coming from my three herniated discs and that I'd never be pain free. I woke up in so much pain that it was hard to stand upright at times. This is the first time in over five years I can remember waking up feeling pretty good and not hunched over! Insurance is a thing in progress for this place but heh can you really put a cost on good health?

- Karen S.

Bridget's Experience
Mar. 2016

       I suffer from a connective tissue disorder that causes widespread and constant myofascial pain.  I have always had painful trigger points that have just recently worsened to the point that I finally sought treatment.  I was told there was really nothing I could do except to manage the pain with prescription pain medication.  Then I found the Indy Myopain Relief Center and for the first time in my life I believed that I could feel better.  Indy Myo Pain Relief has been so wonderful to work with and are very skilled in what they do.  
       After a session, I feel loose and relaxed and my migraines decrease in the following week.  I also sleep better due to the reduction in pain.  Not only is she extremely pleasant to work with and talk to, but she will go above and beyond to help you feel better by recommending beneficial dietary and other lifestyle changes.  I highly recommend both her and Steve to anyone seeking relief from myofascial pain.  You will be glad you went!!!

- Bridget C.
Aprils' Experience
Mar. 2015

I've had daily chronic migraines since 2006, and have tried many different things to help alleviate them, such as many medications, Botox, steroid injections, and acupuncture. Nothing has given me as much relief as the trigger point therapy. Before therapy, I couldn't get through a single day without a migraine. Since therapy, I have had days with no headaches!  It has really helped me get my quality of life back! The owners are wonderful! They are very caring and compassionate. You can tell that they really love helping people and what they do. I am so glad that I found Indy Myopain Center, and I HIGHLY recommend them!

- April H.
Nicki's Experience
Jan. 2016

       I have been visiting this provider on and off for over a year. I have had chronic pain for 24 years dealing with it the best I can going to massage places. I wanted a different approach. I learned about their treatment with the piezo wave machine. It uses sound waves to break up muscle knots that massage could not get to because mine are so deep.
       After a series of treatments I got to the point where I could sleep again and have stretches of time with little or no pain. I love the piezo machine. It gets deep and stimulates healing.
       I have faced the fact that I will always have chronic pain but these treatments help me keep it under control and manageable. I have also learned how to use tools such as different size and density balls to help work out knots and pain in between my visits. The staff is kind and professional and works hard to help you feel better.

- Nicki H.
Aaron's Experience
Sept. 2015

I had been having pain and tension in my shoulders, head, and neck from sitting all day at a computer desk at my job. I had been to massage appointments in the past which did not help relieve the pain so I looked into trigger point therapy which uses proven techniques of applying  pressure on trigger points to relieve muscle tension and pain associated with it. I booked an appointment with Dakun (aka Sylvia) and she went right to work determining where my muscles were tight. She is able to work very hard to get the tough knots out but also very gently if needed. Within 1 appointment my headache was gone. I would gladly recommend her to anyone having muscle pain!

- Aaron U.

Ken's Experience
Oct. 2015

       I have recurring sciatica pain and was referred to Myopain Relief Center by a colleague at work who was very pleased with her treatment.  The proprietors were very friendly and helpful and scheduled me immediately as they have on all previous visits.
       Steve and Sylvia are very knowledgeable and highly competent in myofascial therapy and Trigger Point therapy. Equally important, they are both kind, caring professionals.
The visit begins by filling out a chart indicating where the pain occurs, what kind of pain it is (aching, throbbing, stabbing, burning, etc) and its intensity.  After an examination of the painful areas including range of motion, muscle condition, etc., the therapy session begins.
       My experience with Myopain has been nothing short of incredible.  Sylvia has amazing instincts for where the pain is and once she begins treating the affected areas, she is extremely effective in releasing tension in stiff, painful muscles and taking pressure off impinged nerves. 
       Sylvia uses a combination of myofascial massage therapy and Trigger Point therapy with a sound wave machine that is applied directly on the painful areas.   
       I am extremely pleased with the treatments and care provided by Sylvia. My lower back pain was completely eliminated on my first visit several months ago.  I have not experienced lower back pain since then.  My sciatica pain has been significantly reduced over the course of several visits.  I walked in limping for my most recent treatment on October 22nd and walked out pain free and limp free.

- Ken R.

Candace's Experience

Jun. 2014

In April 2014 I contacted Steven and Dakun at Indy Myopain Center after reading about Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. I had been having left neck, shoulder and arm pain since January with little relief. They evaluated my condition and treated me with deep massage, and also gave me exercises to do at home.  Their treatment has helped me begin to function again without constant pain.  Dakun and Steven have been very professional with my treatment and flexible with scheduling my appointments. I have been very happy with their treatment and highly recommend them.

- Candace

Steve's Experience

Jan. 2014

My first appointment was an evaluation for ninety minutes.  It actually took two hours but they only charged for 90 minutes.  They put me through a dozen or so range of motion tests.  They looked at my underlying perpetuation factors and offered counseling and corrective insoles.

Then I had the treatment.  It was somewhat discomforting but following the treatment, I was free of back pain.  I had some tender spots to the touch, but as I went through my daily activities, I experienced no pain. I returned the following week for another 90 minute treatment.  I had just a little pain but 90% better.  Following that treatment I was pain free.  The next week, I was 95% better and had a 60 minute treatment. 

Following each treatment they provided me self-care techniques and suggested a few lifestyle changes.

Now I am pain free after 25 years!  I am lucky to find this effective and lasting treatment. Thanks!

- Steve

Ben's Experience

Exact date unknown

I have been a dentist over the past 13 years, which has been a physically demanding job placing a lot of tension on my upper back and neck. I have suffered from chronic shoulder, neck, arm and low back pain on and off over these past 13 years. I have been to every type of practitioner out there including doctor of osteopathic, physical therapy, chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, with cupping, all of which have provided various degrees of help.

I found Indy Myopain Relief Center July 2014 after discovering them on the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists website. After a few sessions with Steve and Dakun, I felt 80% better overall. I have received almost weekly therapy from them, over the past few months. I now feel 90% better.  They are passionate about their work and have exceeded my expectations. After obtaining there national certification in Chicago they furthered there level of expertise by attending a follow-up program in Maryland which truly shows there dedication. I was miserable before, now I enjoy my work and life more, I am hopeful to be back to golf this summer. I have referred both patients, staff, my wife, and my 10 year old daughter (who taking horse riding class weekly) to Indy Myopain Relief Center, they all have very good results.  I highly recommend their service to anyone who suffers from skeletomuscular pain.

- Ben A.