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Why Choose Us?

Myofascial Trigger Point therapists work to support medical practitioners and specific condition-based outcomes in at least three ways:

  1. By being a good resource for the drug-free, least invasive and least expensive option. We look for the possibility of soft tissue/trigger points being a source or contributor to the patient’s pain or dysfunction. If it is found that the treatment at our clinic can or does eliminate the pain or symptoms, then no further surgical or testing measures need to be taken.
  2. If surgical/procedural intervention was deemed necessary, the manual trigger point therapy can be a post –operative support to help achieve post-op healing and fascial health along with full range of motion and strength.
  3. Into the future, regular myofascial therapy treatments can help the patient retain a high level of pain-free function, even into a high level of exercise or sports participation.

Treatment Approach

We strive to make you feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire treatment process, from your initial visit, to home care education training, to complete recovery and release from our care. In fact, our treatment approach can be broken down into four easy-to-follow steps:

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1. Assessment

We undertake a comprehensive review of your current physical condition and identify the most probable muscles harboring Myofascial Dysfunction and Trigger Points. Using the easy to follow road map provided to us by Drs. Travell and Simons’ research, we are able to identify the SOURCE of your pain and not just chase the pain. We know, thanks to the research by Dr Janet Travell and Dr David Simons, that muscles when harboring trigger points, can be weak, can hurt, can lose endurance for activities. These trigger points also create specific “Referral Patterns” that have been researched and documented. Our team uses these “Road Maps” to get to the SOURCE of your pain and muscle problems.

2. Causes

Through a detailed history, we uncover key perpetuating factors that need to be changed in order to fully eliminate your muscle problems and pain; such as: hyperpronation at the feet, poor work/sleep postures, poor diet, lack of adequate water, high stress levels, leg length discrepancies, Hypermobility, chronic muscle tension, poor neck posture while texting or gaming.

3. Treatment

Using our Hands-on Active Trigger Point Therapy Protocols, we treat and eliminate muscular dysfunction and reduce and eliminate pain caused by myofascial dysfunction and trigger points. This includes the use of relaxing heat, percussion, extracorporeal shock wave therapy(ESWT), Frequency Specific Microcurrent(FSM), active trigger point release therapy, advanced massage techniques, range of motion, neuromuscular re-education to learn how to better relax unnecessary muscle tension, trigger point myofascial release, and stretching. 

4. Education

We believe “Education is Power”. As advocates of empowerment through self-treatment training, we teach our clients what to do at home and at work to prevent the problem from returning, and thereby allowing you to maintain a high level of pain-free function as well as a high sports-performance level. Our YouTube channel has dozens of useful videos for you to watch at home, to guide you to replicate what we worked on in-clinic. 

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