Indy Myopain Relief Center   

Helping People Live Pain Free

Why Choose Indy Myopain Relief Center?

Indy Myopain Relief Center’s Myofascial Trigger Point therapists work to support medical practitioners and specific condition-based outcomes in at least three ways:

  • By being a good resource for the drug-free, least invasive and least expensive option for possibility of soft tissue/trigger points being a source or contributor to the patient’s pain or dysfunction. If it is found that the treatment at our clinic can or does eliminate the pain or symptoms, then no further surgical or testing measures need to be taken.
  • If surgical/procedural intervention was deemed necessary, the manual trigger point therapy can be a post –operative support to help achieve post-op healing and fascial health along with full range of motion and strength.
  • Into the future, regular myofascial therapy treatments can help the patients retain a high level of pain-free function, even into a high level of exercise or sports participation.