Indy Myopain Relief Center   

Helping People Live Pain Free

What to Expect

We encourage you to print off the detailed confidential health history form and fill it out beforehand. The initial evaluation starts with targeted questioning and deep listening. This is followed by a physical examination for posture and movement. (There is always time set aside for treatment in this initial session.)

From the information derived from the symptoms and signs, special tests, and clinical reasoning, a treatment strategy is formulated and agreed upon.

The hands-on part of the treatment involves partial undressing to allow access to the involved parts. This is similar to conventional massage therapy. Therapy is a combination of dry techniques and lubricated glides and is dynamic, targeted and well tolerated.

Techniques used will include skin rolling, trigger point identification and deactivation, neuromuscular glides, some instrument-assisted techniques, stretching, and movement retraining.

Various perpetuating factors are also considered, like ergonomics, sleep habits, nutrition, environment, stress and attitude to pain.

You will be shown a homecare activity and reassessed at your next visit.

We love to collaborate with any other healthcare providers that you are using.