Indy Myopain

R  E  L  I  E  F        C  E  N  T  E  R

Wena Maschmeyer

Wena joined the Indy Myopain Relief Center to work as both a compliance officer and marketing director. When entering the clinic, she will most likely be the main person that will greet you at the door.

She achieved a B.S. in Nursing with high honors and an A.A. in Culinary, Pastry, and Baking. She is a nationally certified chef and past assistant instructor with Ivy Tech School of Culinary Science. 

She uses this knowledge to provide our patients information on how to maintain or achieve healthy eating. She empowers our patients with information guiding them to healthy lifestyles, weight loss, and nutrition.

With an entrepreneurial side, Wena is currently working as an Isagenix and Lifestyles consultant to promote healthy living and advocating for vitamin supplement consumption.

She is the proud mother of four children, attending to Purdue Polytechnic High School and Indiana University-Bloomington.