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Man feeling as if he is a toxic waste dump.

Trigger point therapy is not a miracle cure for chronic pain — but it helps

Trigger point therapy isn’t “too good to be true” — it’s just ordinary good. It’s certainly not miraculous or a cure for all pain.3 Good trigger point therapy is hard to find (or even define), and it doesn’t always work.4

Does your body feel like a toxic waste dump?

It may be more literally true than you realized! Some evidence shows that a knot may be a patch of polluted tissue: a nasty little cesspool of waste metabolites. If so, it’s no wonder they hurt, and no wonder they cause so many strange sensations: it’s more like being poisoned than being injured. Back pain is the best known symptom of the common muscle knot, but they can cause an astonishing array of other aches and pains. Misdiagnosis is much more common than diagnosis.  Learn More? Learn more.

[1] By Paul Ingraham  Edited by Steve Maschmeyer