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My journey to becoming a myofascial trigger point therapist started 35 years ago as I worked to build my software company.  During those days, I was an Olympic sitter, but carried heavy computer equipment regularly.  I then began playing golf.  Golf became the love of my life.  However, I could only play twice a week as it hurt my  back even more!  I started taking lessons in golf to learn a swing that did not hurt my back and improved my game.  My game improved, but my back continued to hurt because I could not consistently use the new swing.  To get into the corrected swing, I needed to be more athletic.  I then decided to hire a physical trainer.  My golf game again improved, and my back and flexibility improved, but I would injure another part of my body training.  Now I had a bad back and knees.  I then visited the orthopedic surgeon and received physical therapy.  A few months of rest and I tried another physical trainer.  Time passed and I got stronger and a better golfer, but then again, became injured.

A golfing and business friend suggested that I forgo training and try his massage therapist!  Deep tissue massage, by the best CMT in Indianapolis was the prescription.  I felt much better.  My back pain was gone as I left the spa, but by the time I entered my automobile, I noticed the pain was returning.  By the next morning, the pain was back.  The massage therapist suggested I considered Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  Sharon Sauer CMTPT, LMT was offering a weekend introductory course in Louisville at Amber Davies’ school.

Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense.  Dakun Nicholls decided to take the entire course, but I was still not convinced.  After attending two classes, I decide to enroll and study Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  During the year of classes, my back, knees and feet became pain free!  Now I am totally liberated of pain.