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Steve Maschmeyer

Steve Maschmeyer is an internationally recognized soft-tissue pain management therapist. In 2014, together with colleague and business partner Dakun Maschmeyer (CMTPT, LMT), they founded Indy Myopain Relief Center. Their mission was to provide myofascial trigger point treatment for hospital medical practices, pain-focused physicians, chiropractors, dentists, pharmacists, yoga and palate instructors, physical trainers, physical therapists. 

Together with Dakun Maschmeyer, they have built the expertise and reputation of Indy Myopain Relief Center as the only practice in the greater Indianapolis area, exclusively focused on the rehabilitation of soft-tissue dysfunction


In 1970, Steve earned his bachelor's degree in biology. In 1974, he completed his master’s at Butler University. He worked 11 years at Methodist Hospital’s pathology department as a clinical chemist.  In February 2014, he graduated at the MYO Seminar’s Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy seminar. On August 2014, he became third in Indiana to nationally certify as a CMTPT.  During the same year, he also received additional Trigger Point Training by the following therapists: Stew Wild, Katie Plummer Adams, Dr's. Jan Dammerholt's and Robert Gerwin. July 2016, he received the Diploma of Medical & Sports Massage from the Indiana College of Sports & Medical Massage with honors.  He is a member of the ABMP, National Association of Trigger Point Therapists, and the International Myopain Society. In 2015, he received training in Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy. 

CMTPT: 7140093

MT: 21605940

"I get my biggest kick when my client tells me they are 30%, 60%, 80% 100% better!  What a thrill!  I have a passion to help people become totally pain free!"