Indy Myopain Relief Center   

Helping People Live Pain Free

My first appointment was an evaluation for ninety minutes.  It actually took two hours but they only charged for 90 minutes.  They put me through a dozen or so range of motion tests.  They looked at my underlying perpetuation factors and offered counseling and corrective insoles.

Then I had the treatment.  It was somewhat discomforting but following the treatment, I was free of back pain.  I had some tender spots to the touch, but as I went through my daily activities, I experienced no pain.  I returned the following week for another 90 minute treatment.  I had just a little pain but 90% better.  Following that treatment I was pain free.  The next week, I was 95% better and had a 60 minute treatment. 

Following each treatment they provided me self-care techniques and suggested a few lifestyle changes.

Now I am pain free after 25 years!  I am lucky to find this effective and lasting treatment. 


Steve (1-4-14) (Angie's List)