Indy Myopain Relief Center   

Helping People Live Pain Free

Overview and Pricing

Indy Myopain Relief Center is all about solving chronic pain problems of soft tissue origin. The list of conditions treated includes all dysfunction involving neuromuscular and connective tissues.

Specific regional conditions can include:

Abdominal pain         Achlles Tendinis      All muscle strains      Back Pain               Calf strain     
Carpal tunnel             Chest pain                 Dizziness                          Ear ache                     Foot pain           
Golfers elbow                Hamstring strains        Headache                    Hip pain                   Knee pain 
Migraine                         Pelvic pain                    Plantar Fasciitis              Post-Op pain           Post-Op
Scar pain                   Quad dominance.    Tennis elbow               Tinnitus  
More systems-based conditions include:
Breathing pattern disorders                            Chronic regional pain                            Core deconditioning  
Exercise intolerance                                         Fatigue and malaise                               Fibromyalgia
Gait abnormalty                                                 Insomnia                                                 Leg length inequality
Muscle imbalance                                             Myofacial pain                                         Post-traumatic stress
Postural distortion                                            Unexplained pain                                                     
 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy(ESWT) conditions include:

Myofascial dysfunction                                    Tendinopathy                                           Trigger Points

Repetitive stress injuries                                  Enthesopathy                                          Soft Tissue Strains

 Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy conditions include:
Shingles                          Burns                   Kidney stones             Asthma             Irritable bowel syndrome
Disc injuries                    Fibromyalgia       Diabetic neuropathy  Neuromas         Tendinopathy
Acute/chronic injuries    Arthritis               Torticollis                    Concussions    Headaches
Plantar fasciitis               Sports injuries    Wounds                       Acute/chronic neuropathic pain
Chronic fracture and bone pain                  Disc injuries/discogenic, facet-based pain
Viscerally-referred pain

Abdominal Pain

Back Pain

Chest pain

Ear ache

Golfers elbow

Hip Pain


Post-Op pain

Scar pain


Achilles Tendinitis

Calf strain

Dizziness Foot pain


Hamstring strains

Knee pain

Pelvic pain

Quad dominance 

All muscle strains

Carpal tunnel 

Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis elbow

All treatments consist of a combination of active trigger point, traditional trigger point therapy, movement therapy and pain neuroscience education. Homecare activities are provided to reinforce gains made during the treatment and to monitors improvements.

Treatments are tailor-made for the individual and are informed by the latest myofascial pain research.

  1. Myofascial Trigger Point (First Appointment) Evaluation and Treatment 2-2.5 hours is $290
  2. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (First Appointment) Evaluation and Treatment is $100
  3. Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is $140 per hour.
  4. Active Trigger Point Release is $140 per hour
  5. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is $80 per hour
  6. Extracoporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) using PiezoWave II is $110 per hour.
  7. Massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Medical Massage is $80 per hour.

We won’t waste your money or your time. If you haven’t noticed changes within 3-4 treatments, depending on the chronicity, we will re-evaluate and make other suggestions.

Most times this fully-rounded approach to the soft tissue of the body helps get people back on their feet, and return to an active, productive and pain-free life.