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I have recurring sciatica pain and was referred to Myopain Relief Center by a colleague at work who was very pleased with her treatment.  The proprietors were very friendly and helpful and scheduled me immediately as they have on all previous visits.
Member Comments: 
Steve and Sylvia are very knowledgeable and highly competent in myofascial therapy and Trigger Point therapy.  Equally important, they are both kind, caring professionals.
The visit begins by filling out a chart indicating where the pain occurs, what kind of pain it is (aching, throbbing, stabbing, burning, etc) and its intensity.  After an examination of the painful areas including range of motion, muscle condition, etc., the therapy session begins.
My experience with Myopain has been nothing short of incredible.  Sylvia has amazing instincts for where the pain is and once she begins treating the affected areas, she is extremely effective in releasing tension in stiff, painful muscles and taking pressure off  impinged nerves. 
Sylvia uses a combination of myofascial massage therapy and Trigger Point therapy with a sound wave machine that is applied directly on the painful areas.   

I am extremely pleased with the treatments and care provided by Sylvia.  My lower back pain was completely eliminated on my first visit several months ago.  I have not experienced lower back pain since then.  My sciatica pain has been significantly reduced over the course of several visits.  I walked in limping for my most recent treatment on October 22nd and walked out pain free and limp free.

Ken R.