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I suffer from a connective tissue disorder that causes widespread and constant myofascial pain.  I have always had painful trigger points that have just recently worsened to the point that I finally sought treatment.  I was told there was really nothing I could do except to manage the pain with prescription pain medication.  Then I found the Indy Myopain Relief Center and for the first time in my life I believed that I could feel better.  Dakun (Sylvia) has been so wonderful to work with and is very skilled in what she does.  
Member Comments: 
After a session with Sylvia, I feel loose and relaxed and my migraines decrease in the following week.  I also sleep better due to the reduction in pain.  Not only is she extremely pleasant to work with and talk to, but she will go above and beyond to help you feel better by recommending beneficial dietary and other lifestyle changes.  I highly recommend both her and Steve to anyone seeking relief from myofascial pain.  You will be glad you went!!!
Bridget C.