Indy Myopain

R  E  L  I  E  F        C  E  N  T  E  R

Wednesday & Friday Only

Trigger Point Therapy 50% Discount


  1.  Must be treated on 11-24-2021 or 11-26-2021
  2.  If you are using a prepaid plan this special works for you.
  3.  If you are on a massage discount plan this does Not work for you as an added discount.
  4.  Referral bonuses cannot be applied to the 50% discount.
  5.  You may buy gift cards for a loved one to be redeemed in the future but not for the buyer.
  6.  Available booking slots are final, if you cannot get booked then no rain-checks will be issued.

Insoles, Solemates, supplements, heel lifts and wedges will be discounted 20%
If supplies run out, then we will honor a future delivery if prepaid.

Medical Therapeutic Massages will not be offered.

Frequency Specific Micro-Current will be offered for 50% off ($25) and hour.

Call (317) 658.4987 to book an appointment or use the below button to book online!