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Which supplements can help with arthritis?

There are a number of supplements that may modestly reduce pain or improve other symptoms of osteoarthritis (inflammation caused by damage or "wearing away" of cartilage in joints) or rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease that causes joint pain, stiffness and inflammation). 

Remember (....itis) means inflammation and (arthr...) means joints.  The inflammation results when muscles are stuck in a cramp (trigger points) and pull on the tendons.  The tendon's stretch receptors send pain signals to the brain.  If left untreated, the tendons develop micro-tears, developing inflammation.  The joints begin to enlarge as the body tries to grow the bones in the direction of the tight muscles.  The joints become less flexible or mobile.  

Please take note: in the early stages (first 5-10 years), treat the dysfunctional muscles, drink lots of coconut water or just water and the arthritis vanish immediately!  

Use the links below for more information, including dosage, about supplements for each type of arthritis:

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