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The therapists at Indy Myopain provide the highest quality of care in the treatment of pain.  We are 90% effective at elimination of soft tissue pain.  We do not prescribe medication or perform invasive procedures.  Our goal is to  resolve pain permanently: Migraines, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Back, Sciatica, Knee, Ankle, and Planter Fasciitis pain.  

Press Release 1-16-19

The Latest Science of  Trigger Points Release

Active Release TM 

1.  S

peeds the release of trigger points.

2.  Reduces time to restore muscle dysfunction.  

3.  Often patients never have to lay on a table.  

4.  Most sessions are complete in one hour.  

5.  Higher Success Rates

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Press Release 11-28-18
Painless Trigger Point Therapy

Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Increases ATP by <=500%
Cox-Mediate inflammation Reduced by ~60%
Protein Synthesis increased by 70%
Amino Acid transport increased by up to 40%
Scar Tissue Remodeled & Transformed
Beta Endorphins levels increased
Adrenal function improved
Fracture Repair Time Reduced
DNA Synthesis, Insulin Binding, Oxygenation, Cellular Repair, intracellular Calcium Uptake and Immune function Enhanced
Neuromuscular Recovery Rate Improved
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Indy Myopain Relief Center announces the availability of Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT),  Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy (EPAT) or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)to our clients. 

Currently we are the only company in Indiana to offer such advanced pain relief treatment modality.

MyACT delivers mechanical energy – not light (laser), electrical (Estim, PEMF) or thermal energy (Ultrasound)

• Tenocytes in tendons, fibroblasts in ligaments and skin, osteocytes in bone, chondrocytes  in articular cartilage and endothelial cells in blood vessels are mechano-sensitive and  respond to mechanical forces

• MyACT targets tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate tissue

• PiezoWave2 delivers the most energy at a depth that you define without being

  compromised by tissue absorption

MyACT treats pain resulting from,

• Myofascial dysfunction

• Tendinopathy

• Trigger Points

• Repetitive stress injuries

• Enthesopathy

• Soft Tissue Strains

Your Recovery Begins Right Here

Trigger Point Release in Thigh

Indy Myopain Relief Center is an Indianapolis based clinic specialized in pain relief and muscle functional restoration using advanced, problem solving, trigger point, Extracorporeal Shock wave therapy, Myofascial Acoustic Compression therapy techniques. We treat pain and dysfunction originating from soft tissues of the body, such as muscle, fascia, tendons, ligament, and nerve entrapment, using Trigger Point Therapy protocols as first described by Doctor's Janet Travell and David Simons.  Our pain relief methods do not require the use of medication or surgery.   We work to reduce your dependence on pain medication and help delay or eliminate the need for surgery.

Your condition may be less complex, involving muscle soreness, muscle tightness, stiffness, and minor strains. It may be troublesome, with enigmatic muscle pain and dysfunction. On the other hand, it may be prolonged myofascial pain symptoms resulting from trauma, excessive overuse, misuse, abuse, disuse, hypermobility, spinal injuries, and surgeries. We can help.

Indy Myopain Relief center will make a treatment plan specific to your condition. Our goal is to accelerate your recovery from muscle damage, optimize your body's posture, provide balance within the nervous system, and deactivate the myofascial trigger points for lasting relief.  Conditions treated range from Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Foot Pain, Tennis Elbow, TMJD, to Post Surgery Pain. 

We have two locations to server you: Carmel, 10291 N. Meridian Street, Suite 170, Indianapolis, IN 46290.  We serve the communities of Zionsville, Carmel, West Clay, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Greenwood, Avon, Plainfield and Whitestown.  Our clients come from all ends of the state of Indiana and the world.

For those not finding traditional medicine completely successful at eliminating their pain, we offer  trigger point, Myofascial Acoustic Compression therapy and Advanced Massage.

What our Clients Say


This place actually cures your pain! They do trigger point therapy and therapy with sound waves. It's a little painful but it works! Massage therapists and chiropractors and pain Dr's mask the pain or put you on maintenance schedules. This place is designed to get rid of it once and for all. What I was told was that the pain was coming from my three herniated discs and that I'd never be pain free. I woke up in so much pain that it was hard to stand upright at times. This is the first time in over five years I can remember waking up feeling pretty good and not hunched over! Insurance is a thing in progress for this place but heh can you really put a cost on good health? Karen S, Westfield


I am a believer! Delivered range of motion issues and related pain in my shoulder. An orthopedic surgeon said the shoulder joint had worn and was getting close to bone on bone.  Shoulder replacement was an option but he didn't recommend that until I was significantly limited.  Endured shoulder pain for next two years, then went to physical therapy. Range of motion improved but was painful to perform.  Researched the issue and learned about trigger point therapy. I was skeptical but contacted Sylvia and to my surprise after just one session the pain was greatly reduced and by the end of the third weekly session the pain was virtually gone! Wow. Sylvia was excellent and good to work with. Sorry I waited so long to find out about this.  Greg U., MD

I suffer from a connective tissue disorder that causes widespread and constant myofascial pain.  I have always had painful trigger points that have just recently worsened to the point that I finally sought treatment.  I was told there was really nothing I could do except to manage the pain with prescription pain medication.  Then I found the Indy Myopain Relief Center and for the first time in my life I believed that I could feel better.  Dakun (Sylvia) has been so wonderful to work with and is very skilled in what she does.  

After a session with Sylvia, I feel loose and relaxed and my migraines decrease in the following week.  I also sleep better due to the reduction in pain.  Not only is she extremely pleasant to work with and talk to, but she will go above and beyond to help you feel better by recommending beneficial dietary and other lifestyle changes.  I highly recommend both her and Steve to anyone seeking relief from myofascial pain.  You will be glad you went!!!
Bridget C.
Nicki H.
I have been visiting this provider on and off for over a year. I have had chronic pain for 24 years dealing with it the best I can going to massage places. I wanted a different approach. I learned about their treatment with the piezo wave machine. It uses sound waves to break up muscle knots that massage could not get to because mine are so deep.
After a series of treatments I got to the point where I could sleep again and have stretches of time with little or no pain. I love the piezo machine. It gets deep and stimulates healing.

I have faced the fact that I will always have chronic pain but these treatments help me keep it under control and manageable. I have also learned how to use tools such as different size and density balls to help work out knots and pain in between my visits. The staff is kind and professional and works hard to help you feel better.

Both Steve and Dakun (Sylvia) look at things holistically and are very skilled in trigger point therapy.  I highly recommend them for muscle pain, especially that which may be chronic or has not been relieved by other therapies. They give 110% to understanding your issue and making you better.
Donna Z

I have recurring sciatica pain and was referred to Myopain Relief Center by a colleague at work who was very pleased with her treatment.  The proprietors were very friendly and helpful and scheduled me immediately as they have on all previous visits.


I had been having pain and tension in my shoulders, head, and neck from sitting all day at a computer desk at my job. I had been to massage appointments in the past which did not help relieve the pain so I looked into trigger point therapy which uses proven techniques of applying  pressure on trigger points to relieve muscle tension and pain associated with it. I booked an appointment with Dakun (aka Sylvia) and she went right to work determining where my muscles were tight. She is able to work very hard to get the tough knots out but also very gently if needed. Within 1 appointment my headache was gone. I would gladly recommend her to anyone having muscle pain!

Aaron U.

I have been a dentist over the past 13 years, which has been a physically demanding job placing a lot of tension on my upper back and neck.  Then, I found Indy Myopain Relief Center July 2014 browsing the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists website. After a few sessions with Steve and Dakun, I felt 80% better overall.

I've had daily chronic migraines since 2006, and have tried many different things to help alleviate them, such as many medications, Botox, steroid injections, and acupuncture.  Nothing has given me as much relief as the trigger point therapy.

Their treatment has helped me begin to function again without constant pain.  Dakun and Steven have been very professional with my treatment and flexible with scheduling my appointments

PROVIDER: Steve has a very professional work ethic...very caring and considerate.  He also has a great sense of humor.  
RESULTS:  I experienced soreness the day after therapy.  However, the chronic back pain has not recurred...amazing!    The hip and leg pain have subsided.   
FUTURE:  I will return soon for the right side therapy and a left side review.   I am looking forward to ridding myalgia in other parts of my body, more flexibility, and Zumba.
Jane (5-26-14) (Angie's List)

I booked an appointment with Dakun (aka Sylvia) to help with the muscle tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. She worked very hard to get the tough muscle knots out and she can also work gently if needed. She can get the job done that other massage places cannot. Very highly recommended! 8-2015 Aaron U

I was referred to Indy Myopain by friends in Zionsville.  Sylvia is very thorough and very attentive.  She is trained in deep tissue massage (Trigger point) and other techniques of massage.  I am experiencing very good results from Sylvia's attention.  I would recommend.  8-2015