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Steve Maschmeyer


Steve Maschmeyer is internationally recognized as a soft-tissue pain management therapist.  In 2014, together with colleague and business partner Dakun Nichols (CMTPT), founded Indy Myopain Relief Center.   Our mission is to provide myofascial trigger point treatment for hospital medical practices, pain-focused physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists, pharmacists, yoga and palate instructors, physical trainers, physical therapists and high school, collegiate coaches.

Together Dakun Nicholls and I have built the expertise and reputation of Indy Myopain relief Center as the only practice in the greater Indianapolis area exclusively focused on the rehabilitation of soft-tissue dysfunction associated with medically diagnose injury and myofascial pain syndrome.

In 1970, I earned a BS degree in biology and also completed my master’s work in 1974 at Butler University.  I worked 13 years at Methodist Hospital’s pathology department as a clinical chemist.  In February 2014, I graduated MYO Seminar’s Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy seminar.  In 8-7-14, I became the third in Indiana to nationally certify as a CMTPT.  Also in 2014, I received additional Trigger Point Training  by Internationally renowned Stew Wild and Katie Plummer Adams at Dr's. Jan Dammerholt's and Robert Gerwin's Myopain Seminar.  I am a member of the ABMT, National Association of Trigger Point Therapists, and the International Myopain Society.  In 2015, I received training in Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy.

I get my biggest kick when my client tells me they are 30%, 60%, 80% better!  What a thrill!  I have such a passion to help people become totally pain free!


My journey to becoming a myofascial trigger point therapist started 35 years ago as I worked to build my software company.  During those days, I was an Olympic sitter, but carried heavy computer equipment regularly.  I then began playing golf.  Golf became the love of my life.  However, I could only play twice a week as it hurt my ailing back even more!  I started taking lessons in golf to learn a swing that did not hurt my back and improved my game.  My game improved, but my back continued to hurt because I could not consistently use the new swing.  To get into the corrected swing, I needed to be more athletic.  I then decided to hire a physical trainer.  My golf game again improved, and my back and flexibility improved, but I would injure another part of my body training.  Now I had a bad back and knees.  I then visited the orthopedic surgeon and received physical therapy.  A few months of rest and I tried another physical trainer.  Time passed and I got stronger and a better golfer, but then again, became injured.

A golfing and business friend suggested that I forgo training and try his massage therapist!  Deep tissue massage, by the best CMT in Indianapolis was the prescription.  I felt much better.  My back pain was gone as I left the spa, but by the time I entered my automobile, I noticed the pain was returning.  By the next morning, the pain was back.  The massage therapist suggested I considered Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  Sharon Sauer CMTPT, LMT was offering a weekend introductory course in Louisville at Amber Davies’ school.

Suddenly, everything seemed to make sense.  Dakun Nicholls decided to take the entire course, but I was still not convinced.  After attending two classes, I decide to enroll and study Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  During the year of classes, my back, knees and feet became pain free!  Now I am totally liberated of pain.

Dakun (Sylvia) Nicholls


Dakun (Sylvia) Nicholls is the first nationally certified myofascial trigger point therapist in Indiana. Together with business partner Steve Maschmeyer, they created Indy Myopain Relief Center arm at helping people live pain free.

Dakun’s medical background initially began as a nurse in China working in a hospital. She worked in surgical, pediatric, internal medicine department. She worked for Massage Envy for about two years 2012, 2013, being one of the top-ranking therapists among 50. She felt the needs to improve her skills and techniques while working there, so she enrolled to Myo Trigger Point Seminars Chicago in July, 2013, completed 12 months program in seven months and passed the daunting national exam before graduated from this program in Feb, 2014.

Dakun’s job is her passion, empathic about people suffering from pain. Her great satisfactions come from relieving people from pain. Her hands are strong yet sensitive and her touch analytic.

Dakun enjoys travel, jogging, yoga, Zumba in her spare time.